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Comparison Rate: [5.8% p.a.]#
This calculator is powered by Pure Capital Finance, credit representative number 512764
What you need to know about this estimate – *Fees and charges are payable.
#Comparison rates are calculated on a secured loan of $50,000 over 5 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts
might result in a different comparison rate.
This calculator is powered by Pure Capital
Finance, credit representative number 512764

This calculator is powered by Pure Capital
Finance, credit representative number 512764

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Ride the waves for less with a low rate jet ski loan

If you’re looking for great deals on jet ski and marine pleasure craft finance, Pure Capital offers lower rates and flexible terms

Competitive jet-ski loans

When summer’s come to Australia, you can really feel the heat. A desire to take to the water grows day by day. The adrenaline junkie in us wants a bit more than a splash around. A jet-ski is what gets your heart pumping.

Did you know we also finds you the best deals on personal marine vehicles such as boats and jet-skis? If you’re in the market for a jet-ski or any type of recreational marine vehicle, Pure capital can find the right loan for you.

We have a network of trusted lenders that cater directly to your jet-ski finance needs. Our team of financial professionals find the most competitive interest rates that come with flexible, easy to manage terms. Pure capital is guaranteed to beat the banks on personal jet-ski financing. We also arrange loans for both dealer and private sales.

Compare jet-ski loans and save

Our loans can also come with options such as taking out a residual value or financing your insurance, trailers and other marine equipment you need to safely get out on the water. Pure CapitalFinance gives all our jet-ski finance customers peace of mind when they take to the water.

Pure Capital  also finds you great deals on marine vehicle and watercraft insurance too – so there’s no limit to how much you can save when it comes to jet ski finance and insurance, our team helps drive your dollar even further.

Contact us today to get a free, no obligation quote. If you need to talk to one of our friendly consultants, they’re a quick phone call away. Not only that, you can apply online using our lightning-quick approval system. If you need jet-ski finance, think Pure Capital.

Compare and calculate your jet-ski loans savings

Breathe easier with a jet-ski loan from Pure Capital. We don’t just find low rates, we also believe in freedom of choice. We compare loans from over 25 of Australia’s leading jet-ski and marine finance lenders. More comparison means lower rates for you. Use our easy jet-ski loan calculator and discover more savings.

Lender Product Name Advertised Rate Comparison Rate Monthly Repayment
Farm Loans Secured Truck Loan 4.49% Variable 6.60% $ ---,---
BankWest Business FeeSaver Loan - Res Se 5.80% Fixed 5.80% $ ---,---
BankSA Business Loan Variable 6.78% Variable 6.78% $ ---,---
ANZ Business Loan Variable - Res Sec 7.10% Variable 7.10% $ ---,---
Commonwealth Bank BBL Var Non-Res Sec 7.81% Variable 7.81% $ ---,---
Farm Loans Secured Agriculture Loan
$ ---,---
Monthly Repayment
BankWest Business FeeSaver Loan - Res Sec
$ ---,---
Monthly Repayment
BankSA Business Loan Variable
$ ---,---
Monthly Repayment
ANZ Business Loan Variable - Res Sec
$ ---,---
Monthly Repayment
Commonwealth Bank BBL Var Non-Res Sec
$ ---,---
Monthly Repayment

* The interest Rate of 4.49% p.a. with a comparison rate of 6.60% p.a. is based on a 5 year secured consumer fixed rate loan of $40,000. WARNING: The comparison rate, monthly repayment and total cost applies only to the example given and may not include all fees and charges. Costs such as broker fees, redraw fees or early repayment fees, and cost savings such as fee waivers, are not included in the comparison rate but may influence the cost of the loan. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different comparison rate. Establishment fees and monthly fees apply only to consumer loans. Commercial use loans may attract different fees.

See how we can help you with your jet-ski loan

Maximise your savings on a jet-ski loan with Pure capital. We help you get a better rate on jet-ski finance that suits your budget and needs. Our consultants assist you every step of the way.

Quick jet-ski quotes

Looking for a quote on jet-ski finance? Be amazed at our lightning quick quotes.

Low rate jet-ski loans

We connect with more lenders so you can get lower rates on jet-ski finance.

New or used? You decide

We finance both new and second hand jet-skis through dealers, private sales and auctions.

Jet-ski insurance

Need marine insurance? Pure Capital has range of competitive marine insurance options for your jetski.

More than jet-ski loans

Pure Capital finances all types of marine pleasure craft such as tinnies and runabouts.

No obligation

Our team is here to help. Ask questions, make quotes – and there’s no obligation to apply.

Client reviews

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every loan we issue. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
Tom Davis

San Francisco, California

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Claire Silva

Kansas City, Missouri

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Tell us a bit about your business and your loan needs

We negotiate the best options for you based on your criteria.

Approved! Get ready to start spending the funds and grow your business.

Some of your jet-ski loan questions answered

Make an informed decision about boat finance with our boat loan FAQs

What type of jet-skis do you finance?

We finance all types of jet-skis including recreational, performance, sport, luxury and more.

I need a small boat, can I apply for finance?

Yes – we finance all types of marine pleasure craft including dinghys, tinnies, motorboats and more

I want to talk to a real person, is that possible?

Yes – when you get a quote with us, your consultant will help you through the process. There’s no obligation to apply.

I want to know how much I can spend, can I get a quote?

Yes – you can get a quote using our fast online system, or call a consultant to talk you through it over the phone. You can also use our jet-ski loan calculator.

I have bad credit. Can I apply for jet-ski finance?

Yes – we help people with bad credit apply for jet-ski finance. 9 out of 10 applications are approved.

Can you help with jet-ski insurance?

Yes – Pure Capital is an accredited insurance broker and can help with all things jet-ski finance.

Do you finance jet-skis for businesses?

If your jet-ski is for business use, you can apply for a jet-ski chattel mortgage or hire purchase, which allows you to claim GST, depreciation and interest back on tax.



Whether you need $5k or $20m, we can get you the funds you need when you need it.


We compare over 70 lenders to find you the best possible rate for your financing needs


Setup your loan terms and a payment plan that suits you and your business.


With over 70 lenders, we can get you approved and funded quickly.


We compare over 70 lenders and even more loan options to find you the best solution.


Don’t let delays impact your business, find a solution in minutes and get funding fast.

Helpful guides on jet-ski finance

Read some of our helpful guides on jet-ski finance

New, used, dealer or private jet-ski sales

Venturing into the jet-ski market can be daunting if you’re unsure your lender will provide finance for your number one choice. We finance all types of jet-skis, whether you’re buying new from a dealer or something pre-loved from a private seller. Buy with confidence, buy with Pure Capital at your side.

All types of marine pleasure craft

We help you find great deals on all types of marine pleasure craft for personal or business use including catamarans, cruisers, dinghys and other smaller vessels for the novice and seasoned traveller. We also provide competitive insurance options to help protect your investment in marine recreation.

Jet-ski finance done your way

We understand people have different needs when it comes to jet-ski finance. We provide finance for both individuals and businesses. Businesses can save on tax with Pure Capital chattel mortgages or hire purchase options. We can tailor a jet-ski loan that suits you and your family’s budget. Ask us today!

Financial professionals help you through

You’ve got a jet-ski finance quote…what comes next? Talk to one of our financial professionals and we’ll help you. We’re there from application, pre-approval right through to settlement. Our financial professionals have a wealth of jet-ski and marine craft finance experience. Talk to your professional about marine craft insurance at competitive rates!

Want to work together?

Get answers and advice from people you want it from. Pure Capital’s team of specialists will help you to design and create awesome finance packages for your business.

Things you should know about jet-ski loans – tips and tricks

Find out the ultimate finance tips, industry news from Pure Capital.

Is it better to buy private or from a dealer?

If you’re wondering whether it’s better to buy a jet ski from a private seller or a dealer, there’s one aspect of the transaction you need to keep in mind – residual value.

Pure Capital  caters loans to both kinds of purchase, and can also grant approvals in many cases. However new jet skis bought from a dealer means your craft has high residual value. High residual value means lower risk for you as a borrower and for your prospective lender. Lower risk means a higher chance of being paid back, so lenders are willing to lower their interest rates in kind. Older jet skis may become a “cash sink” of fuel, maintenance and repairs. Plus, you might pay more in interest in the long term.

Compare and save


Pure Capital doesn’t just finance jet ski purchases. We finance all types of marine pleasure craft, including boats, yachts and more. We also offer business loans such as chattel mortgages and hire purchases if you’re starting a business, or just adding something fun to the company retreat.

We know the ins and outs of jet ski finance. We partner with over 25 banks and lenders who all want to do business with you. We use the competitive nature of the market to drive down interest rates and drive up flexibility for all our customers, Australia wide. We can customize a loan package with balloon payments, 100% finance and extended terms (for approved applicants.)

Time to get a Jet Ski?


When it’s time to hit the beach, some people like to splash around on the edge of the water. But thrill seekers prefer high-octane water sports that get the heart pumping! Nothing says Australia quite like sun, warm weather and the beach, and what better way to take advantage of that lifestyle than with your very own Jet Ski?

If you’ve ever thought about owning a Jet Ski, but didn’t think it’d be possible, or you’ve made the decision to buy a Jet Ski and are ready to take the next step, we can help you make it happen.

Get Jet Ski finance with Positive Lending Solutions


  • We’ll search through 30 of Australia’s best banks and lenders to find the right Jet Ski loan for your particular set of circumstances.
  • We have loans with fixed rates, periodical repayments that suit you, and Jet Ski finance of up to 100%, meaning there will be no up front costs.
  • You’re our number one priority, not the banks and lenders.
  • Our application and approval process is fast, with an answer usually within 24 hours.
  • How you buy your Jet Ski is up to you – new or used, from a dealer or private seller – we’ll find the lender to suit your needs.



We are connected member of finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA)


We use bank-level 256-bit encryption to make sure any information you share with us stays safe


our extensive security include traffic encryption, auditing, backups and encrypted signin information






with our network of over 70+ lender.we are the only Farm Loan Marketplace in AUSTRALIA with option from banks and alternative business loan providers





your farm loan option’s are tailored to you by compare your business information against real credit criteria provided by our lenders.





with our network of over 70+ lender. we are the only Farm Loan Marketplace in AUSTRALIA with option from banks and alternative options loan providers

Brand's You Can Trust

we are accredited with the lenders and insurers in Australia giving more options to compare and save

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